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You do not need to be miserable to be thin...
You CAN experience exciting taste-sensations... Regain your freedom... Socialize with your friends and enjoy life as
you keep to your weight-loss goals

Dear Weight Conscious Friend,

Perhaps you feel the biggest problem with being on a restricted diet is the lack of fun and freedom you experience...

Maybe you've been told you can't eat this, you can't drink that and, definitely, "...don't even consider drinking alcohol".

And it's getting you down... You hate sitting watching your friends as they happily down drink after drink... So you make excuses why you can't go out "tonight"...

The REAL question becomes:

"How do I enjoy cocktail hour without spoiling my weight loss effort. I don't want to be a total party pooper that no one wants to hang out with because -- I don't want them thinking I count EVERY calorie!"

You think to yourself, "If only I wasn't on this diet I'd be able to drink and enjoy myself"... Quite likely you feel losing weight stinks and you have trouble sticking to your diet!

That's why you need to know the truth about drinking and dieting...

Because the science is already in...




This is a Thin-Secret Practiced All Over The World

That's why smart dieters, thin socialites and celebrities, know exactly what to drink, and how much they can drink each time they reach for a glass.

In fact, people who continue to stay thin and socialize with their friends:

Enjoy Drinking Low-Calorie
Skinny Cocktails

They know they won't break their diets and can still have heaps of fun because each Skinny Cocktail is a taste sensation and can save you up-to 400 calories compared to your regular Cocktail Calorie Bombs!

And, even though you are on a diet it doesn't mean your life has to stop. You can still be the life and soul of the party and

Participate in toasts with a glass of champagne
Enjoy a glass of wine at dinner
Are the hit of their party because they know how   to prepare delicious drinks
Go out for a beer with their co-workers without worry about their diets

Enjoy living
their lives as they lose weight!

Losing weight successfully is about finding a way to live your life
without feeling inhibited...

Now imagine how much EASIER IT WOULD BE TO SAVE AN EXTRA 120 calories every day WITH A LOW CALORIE DRINK!

You could feel so much better if you could indulge with a low -calorie drink during Happy Hour or at home after a long day. Here is the way smart dieters think... By SAVING an EXTRA 120 calories each day they SAVE MORE THAN 3,500 calories a MONTH! And that's 1 less pound!

... which leads to 12 pounds LESS FAT EVERY YEAR!

Even just 60 calories SAVED per day leads to a 5 POUND WEIGHT LOSS IN JUST 1 YEAR! In 5 years you have EFFORTLESSLY kept off 25 extra pounds to the number on your scale!. Instead of worrying about all of that....

brianna testimonial

Why Not Try a Sensational

Here are two delicious low-calorie 'Skinny' cocktail recipes for you to try right now... You can see they are simple to make and packed with exciting flavor... and because they are low on calories you can enjoy drinking them any time, even if you are on a diet...

Not to mention dangerous amounts of sugar in those “healthy” mixers.

You'll love the feeling as the taste sensations
explode in your mouth.

The important thing to remember about low calorie cocktails and weight loss is that booze only becomes dangerous to your weight loss efforts if you drink hundreds of calories and you dont do enough to burn more calories than you consume.


There's 99 MORE!

And... You get the calories of the top 33 Regular beers and how they compare
to the top 22 light beers...

Want to know the TRUE Calorie Count
of the LITE BEERS?

Here's a sample!

But you have to download the book to get the rest!


And... No I didn't forget...

Because there's a section on low-calorie wines for Wine Lovers too!

There's even Skinny Wines!

This is just a sample,
download the book to get them all!


A Fresh New,
Delightful Low-Calorie Cocktail
Every Night...

My name is Michael Cecchin, and years before diving into the world of Cocktail calories, mixes, garnishes and alcohol/weight loss science, I had my own battle with weight.

One of my biggest hurdles was navigating social gatherings and escaping without dumping another 2,000 unwanted calories into my diet each time I went out for drinks with friends.

It always started with a few harmless beers, or cranberry juice (loads of sugar and calories) and vodkas and ended with me eating a few slices of pizza, or a BigMac at the end of the night... which would obviously set back my weight loss goals week after week until I got sick of being so angry at myself for letting it happen again.

It was the same equation over and over...


This is when I decided that I wanted to know the truth about alcohol and how it directly related to weight loss/gain, and also to create

An Original List Of
All The Lowest Calorie Cocktails
I Could Find

What I thought would be a couple few hours with my pal Google turned into several months of trips to the library, emails and phone calls to local labs and universities, and that was even before I had created one drink. Geez!

But then came my Cocktail movie moment, where I enrolled in bar-tending courses, studied mixology theories, cocktail recipes, types of glasses, garnishes, mixes, serving sizes, and the calorie content in all of the above.  It wasnt good enough simply having the calorie count lower, I wanted my drinks (and now yours) tasting great as well.

I even found local drinks from places like Veneto, Italy, which have been the toast of the region for years but never made it across the Atlantic.

Soon enough though, my friends were calling me The Diet Bar- tender whenever we went out, or stayed in, and my new recipes became a fun game. Not to mention, when I started losing weight at the same time, my Facebook inbox seemed to always be filled with questions about how to make Skinny drinks for parties. It was a little ridiculous to be honest... but I loved it.

So when more and more people kept asking me to come up with a list of all of these secret recipes, I knew I had something fun and helpful that I wanted to share with everyone...

Including YOU!

Introducing: “How To Drink While Dieting

At last! Solid information to help you lead a happy, fun filled life even while dieting...

Here are just a few samples of the 101
delicious and healthy cocktails you'll find in this book:

This exciting drink and stay slim guide comes in handy PDF format so you can download it instantly and read it on any computer or smartphone. The guide allows you to easily page back and forth from the table of contents to the recipes so finding recipes to try is super fast!


Take A Look Inside And See For Yourself
How Impressive This Handy Guide Is

As you leaf through the pages you will discover:  


How to drink and stay healthy 


What cocktails to avoid 


How to mix a cocktail like a pro


  What glasses to use for each drink


Comprehensive calorie counts of popular beers and wines 


And much, much more...


You'll get 15 Blended Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes! 

And 29 Quick & Easy - Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes!

Plus 14 more

Including these delicious drinks: Mexican Coffee, New Old-Fashioned, Peachy Keen Bellini, Skinny Gimlet, Southwest Cosmo and Walk o' Shame!

And here's the often requested -New Low Calorie "Classics"...

Plus these NEW TASTE BUD Tantalizing 16...

Including...Magic Potion # 9, Rummy Beer, Teeny Weenie Appletini, Tequila Citron and Tropiquita!

After Dinner Drinks to tempt you even while you stay on your diet...

Finally, here's your wine and beer calorie info!

(Plus lots of references at the end of the book too!)

In All You Get Over 200 Pages!
Its in convenient PDF format so you can download it right away and read it on any computer, iPad or smartphone.

And you’re not just getting these delicious cocktail recipes…

Here’s what else you’re getting when you order today:

Also Included: Exclusive Bonus!

The Truth About Alcohol - Diet Coaching Audios

"Having fun and losing weight are not mutually exclusive;
you can do both without sacrificing either

Brad Pilon is on the Scientific Advisory Board for LiveStrong.com, and a highly regarded Health and Nutrition Author, and sought after speaker on topics from weight loss and supplements to intermittent fasting.

He has graciously consented to allowing me to conduct an in depth interview which is your second bonus gift. During this informative interview we discuss:

The Truth About Alcohol - 50 min of Uncensored Diet Coaching

  • Does Alcohol Make You Fat? – Facts vs. Fiction

  • Avoiding Diet Social Sabotage

  • Diet Restriction – The Real Problem

This fascinating audio interview between Brad and myself explains how others, some times even your very best friends, sabotage your best efforts... And they do it without meaning to.

The way they speak, the way they act and talk about diets can often hit a raw nerve in your subconscious making it difficult to keep to your diet.

Brad and I cut through all of the diet media's misinformation about drinking, dieting, social support, and will give you an extra "knowledge is power" edge over any diet plan you start. Making it simpler for you to reach your goals... and stay there.

This audio interview is in convenient MP3 format so you can play it in any player or even your smartphone. It is 45 minutes long would retail at $97 but is yours absolutely FREE when you order today.


Only $17

Ordinarily, you might expect a price tag of around $47 for an informative guide like this... After all it is nearly 200 pages with over 100 Skinny Cocktail RECIPES!  ... jam packed with delicious low-calorie cocktail recipes that are heaven to taste. You can drink them any time you like even if you are on a restricted diet because each one has an accurate (and low) calorie count.

Youll be surprised by the flavor sensations you experience with every sip and at how low the calories of each cocktail are.

Youll also find exciting information on how to stay healthy when drinking, how to mix the perfect cocktail and much more.

And yet, thats not all...

As an added special bonus you receive lifetime updates! When you order today you will join the happy group of my lifetime customers that receive custom updated versions of the book absolutely FREE of charge.  Ill send you every single new recipe I find or create... (And I do love experimenting with fresh new flavor and cocktail sensations! 

So if I were to ask $37 for "How to Drink While Dieting" youd agree it would be good value...

However, we both know the economy sucks right now and youd rather be out sipping a few cocktails than spending a lot of money on a book, no matter good it is...

Thats why, when you order today you can get "How to Drink While Dieting" for the low price of:


Only $17

Incredible Value!

And don
t forget, when you order today you will...

Enjoy Free Recipes Updates For LIFE

So enjoy a low calorie cocktail, glass of wine or beer and relax. With moderation, you can enjoy life's little pleasures and still lose weight. You might even become more heart- healthy in the process!

Once youve lost your weight theres no need to put it back on again drinking regular cocktails... because every single new low-calorie recipe I discover or create you will be the first to know...

Ill rush it to you first so you can keep on enjoying your slim new figure. And believe me there will be plenty because I love my cocktails and creating new flavor sensations.

Why not get started right away?

And dont worry, theres no risk when you order your copy of How to Drink While Dieting.  You have my word on that.

60 Day Unconditional Guarantee

You will be absolutely delighted with the scrumptious cocktail recipes and solid information in "How to Drink While Dieting" I guarantee it!

And to make sure you have every opportunity to try out all the delicious cocktails I will not consider your order binding for 60 full days. That means you can taste every recipe and still claim a 100% refund - even on the very last day. You won't get that at your local bookstore!

All you have to do is email me and I'll personally make sure you are rushed every penny back. We will still be friends and you can keep your copy of the free bonus "Guilt Free Party Dishes" with my compliments.

You have nothing to lose so why not get ready to savor another taste sensation as you enjoy your life? Order your copy of "How to Drink While Dieting" right now and you can be mixing a delightful low calorie cocktail in a few minutes. 

Losing weight successfully is about finding a way to live your life
without feeling inhibited...

Only $17

What You Need To Do Now...

You will love the feeling of freedom being able to drink a delicious cocktail or glass of wine, socialize with your friends and know you can still stay slim.

Get Ready To Taste New Low-Cal Drinks!

Why not download a copy right now. You will find the recipes sensational. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with my 60 day money back guarantee.

How To Drink While Dieting... and my 2 special bonuses because I am ordering today.

I want to drink and stay slim. I can't wait to taste more low-calorie Skinny Cocktails... Please rush me a copy of "How to Drink While Dieting" so that I can start enjoying my life again.

I am excited to get started and think only $17 for so many heavenly cocktail recipes is great value for money...

And, what's more, I will get free updates for life. Every time you develop a tasty new cocktail you will rush me the recipe.

I have absolutely nothing to lose as I have a full 60 days from order to taste every cocktail recipe and can ask for a refund at any time even on the very last day.

And as an additional bonus to help you decide to order today: you get the in depth audio interview “The Truth About Alcohol” with Brad Pilon, a highly regarded Health and Nutrition expert with the help you need to defend against sneak attacks.

On that basis here is my $17 

I can pay through Paypal or credit card and know that my banking details will be 100% safe because my payment will be handled by Clickbank one of the most trusted online payment processors.

As soon as my payment has been processed I will be rushed the download link for my cocktail recipe book and free bonus. This usually takes only a few minutes.

Only $17




"Here's to a happy and healthy, fun-filled life!"

Stay slim,

Michael Cecchin

 Slimming down your waistline doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying life. Enjoy drinking low calorie drinks rather than calorie-loaded drinks and you can stay slim while you party. 

  You have 60 full days to try every recipe in "How to Drink While Dieting". Anytime, even on the very last day, you can ask for a refund. If you do there will be no hard feelings.

  You have nothing to lose so why not try an exciting low-calorie cocktail and see how easy it is to slot them into your diet? 

© How To Drink While Dieting

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